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Factory Machine Technology

Robotic Cutting Machine

State of the art robotic cutting machines give higher level of precision and productivity. The technology allows to processes different types of thickness and materials, including similar and different material.


Whole component marking

Fast and reliable without any consumables, the machine markings are created by the stylus, has no stress upon the part and leaves no burrs. The indent marking is directly processed into the material. Markings like Brogue Punches and Prickers for overlapping components Marking are achieved with a digital pen that define the quality area.

Automatic Stitching Machine

Fully computerized stitching machine that are super proficient in what they do, provide super fine finesse. The machinesdon’t make any mistakes and saves a lot of processing time.

Template Cutting Machine:

Integrated multi-function machines that fully satisfy the production demand, and improve the quality and efficiency. Automatic knife pressure function reduce the frequency of setting on different material.

Crimping Machine

We work on superior grade Shoe Vamp Crimping Machines for our esteemed clients. The machines provide very preciseCrimping components and is an effective machine and can function uninterruptedly for a prolonged duration.

Automatic Skiving Machine

Leather Splitting Machine can arbitrarily adjust the thickness of splitting pieces to improve the quality of the products.

Grinding knife adjusting device and automatic starting control equipment with the single handle.

Automatically adjust the gap of pressure board and cutter to ensure more accurate splitting precision.

Rolling Press Machine

Used to Paste interlining and the most appropriate machine for mass production as it is a continuous system.

Hard rubber rollers and heater elements ensures perfect fusion. The Adjusting roller speed and temperature gives the best results

Die-cutting Machine:

Die cutting is an extremely versatile way to cut and shape products. We offer consistent quality, which allows for high volume production.

Lasting Floor

We offer a state of the art production facility. The bespoke shoes undergo a surprisingly high number of different stages before they’re ready to be worn. In our processing line, the shoe is created in 100 plus steps! Fast fashion reigns supreme but tremendous amount of love still goes into creating handmade shoes. We use a nesting manufacturing process – ie, each department performs in different stages of the production process. When a department has finished their role the shoes are forwarded to the next department in line.

Doubleniddle Stitching Machine

This machine is generates very precise, perfectly eqi-distance and accurate double seam stitching.

New Chiller Machine

The machine makes a perfect bonding of the sole and upper without altering the shape of shoes. The machine employs the principle of convection to recycle air, to reduce energy loss, and to attain optimal cooling effect. By means of strong cold wind, instantaneous refrigeration produces an improved adhesiveness of the cement and a better effect of finalization.

The 3D process enables faster iteration and better creative synergy. The technology turns the style ideas into a reality by creating accurate scaled 3D digital models which can be shared prior to production. Its also Shortens the conception/development cycle from several months to only a few weeks. The machine Increases productivity allowing us to be in step with fashion trends and launch your collections earlier.

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